Today I have a really bad case of the Ickbies.  Yep, it’s another term that I made up.  Get used to it, I like to make shit up.  This one means “I Can’t Because…”

For instance, I really want to work on my short story, but… I can’t because… I don’t have a lap top case to safely bring my lap top back and forth from my parent’s to my house to work on it at night after the little one goes to bed, I have a stack of paperwork that I have been carrying around in my purse that needs to be dealt with during the day, I need to get the wee tyke down for her nap, I am super hungry and it’s distracting, I want to go on Facebook and zone out, I need to figure out how I am getting my hair cut next month so I want to spend some time looking up new hair styles…

The reality is that I have too much to do at night right now with my cult (that’s right, I joined a cult, but more on that later) and if I brought the lap top home, it would sit at the house until morning when I bring it back to the parent’s.  But, that is not going to stop me from buying a lap top bag, because I really do want a way to safely transport my computer.  This has nothing to do with an overwhelming desire to shop.  Promise.

The paperwork in my bag has been in my bag for MONTHS.  I haven’t gone through it yet.  It hasn’t stopped me from doing anything else.  Why am I letting it stop me from writing?  Because I’m looking for excuses?  Probably.  Because I am easily distracted?  Definitely.  Maybe I will take some time to do it this afternoon so that I can stop carrying it around.  Maybe not.

It really is nap time, BRB.

Well, it’s two and half hours later.  I did get the baby down for a nap.  And I ate, so that’s two items that I have cleared up.

Annnnnnd, another hour has passed.

The ICB’s are real even though they are mostly made up.

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