Your baby registry- you’re never sure if you’re asking for too much or too little.  The chances are, you’ve registered for the wrong stuff all together.

This pregnancy has been significantly different than my last for lots of reasons.  Not least of which is that I am already a mother.  For some reason that seems to make pregnancy fly by.  Where my first drug on and I felt like it would never end, I am now staring down the barrel of only having nine weeks left.

Tiny shoes never get old. Never.

I also don’t have to worry about registries or showers this time.  We are having another girl, and only two-ish years after the first.  I still have almost everything I need from last time.

There are still a few odds and ends that we need to get for this baby, but for the most part we are all set.  I actually miss the excitement of doing our registry and anticipating our baby shower.  Although, when I think about the things I would ask for this time around I realize that most of them couldn’t be purchased at Babies R Us.

Which got me thinking, if I had known what motherhood was actually like the first time, I probably would have forgone the matching washcloths and towels to register for some more realistic things instead.

There were things that I didn’t register for last time, that I couldn’t register for, that I really wish I had.  Things that would have made a difference then, but perhaps would make an even bigger difference now.

I present to you, My Ultimate Baby Registry or What Pregnant Woman Wish They Could Register For:

  1. Prenatal massages – With my previous pregnancy I received two as gifts. I blew through the first one as soon as I was allowed to get one (after the first trimester).  I saved the second one for closer to the end of the second trimester.  It was an unbelievably wonderful experience, but one that I didn’t really make time for this pregnancy.
  2. Pedicures – I lost sight of my feet somewhere around 26 weeks. Which means I also lost the ability to touch my toes around then as well.  That doesn’t stop my toe nails from growing (or my feet from hurting).  Every other week I go and sit my fat ass down in a massage chair and get my toe nails painted and my feet and legs rubbed.  It’s as necessary for me as prenatal vitamins, and actually, probably just as expensive.
  3. A Postpartum Doula – Doulas are these wonderful creatures that help you with pregnancy stuff. If you hire a labor doula, they will be with you in your delivery room of choice (hospital, birth center, or home).  If you hire a postpartum doula, they will come help you with your baby after you are released from the hospital.  Wonderful. Creatures.
  4. Maternity clothes – If you are lucky, like I was, you have a sister or sister-in-law that you can combine forces with and create a maternity clothes library (in our case, a giant Rubbermaid tote). Our plan is just to pass this back and forth until we’re done making babies.  It allows us to double our clothing choices without having to buy twice as many clothes because guess what, maternity clothes are expensive.  And you know what else, they don’t really hold up that well.  They get stretched and worn.  With all of your parts swollen and rubbing together, they get worn fast.  The more you have, the less beat up they get.
  5. Alcohol – Not for while you’re pregnant (obviously), and not really for when you’re home with a newborn, because being sleep deprived is already a lot like being drunk. However, there will come a point sometime after you have brought home that bundle of joy where you’re looking for joy someplace else.  I’m not saying you’ll find it at the bottom of a bottle (or that you should be drinking enough to get to the bottom of a bottle) but you’ll probably want to drink at some point… sooner than you think… and wouldn’t it be nice if you already had a bottle of your favorite whatever chilling in the fridge?
  6. FOOD – I’m talking about for pregnancy and postpartum- because caring for a newborn is hungry work. Towards the beginning of this pregnancy all I wanted was raw cookie dough.  I wanted it so badly I spent $40 ordering egg-less stuff from some boutique online (totally worth it).  Then there was a period where I went through a turkey breast a week because I just had to have turkey.  Then there is the postpartum aspect of wanting all the foods that you couldn’t have before.  Mmmm… spicy tuna rolls. 
  7. Sleep – Yeah, you can’t actually register for sleep right now, but I hold out hope that someday we’ll get there. What you can ask for now though, is help.  Whether it’s your sister, your mother, your in-laws, whatever.  Ask someone to come hold your noob so you can close your eyes for a bit.  You’ll thank me later!

I’m sure that there are more practical things to put on your baby registry… but I don’t do practical.  I do a jar of pickles a week and cookie dough delivered to my door step.