About Lauren Wellbank

Yeah, that was an at home perm, hard to tell, right?!

I have always wanted to be a writer. As a child I used to fill journal after journal with short stories. Once I hit high school, almost all of my free time was spent hunched over a piece of paper, pencil in hand. I couldn’t stop, the ideas just poured out of me. Granted, they weren’t very good. Many of them were a stew of hormones and unrequited love and bad. Did I mention they were bad? So bad.

My 18-year-old plan was to graduate from college with a degree in creative writing, pen the next great American novel – which, I believed would sound like a blend of John Irving and Chuck Palahniuk at the time, yikes – and then spend my days counting money.

Instead, I discovered that things cost a lot more money then I imagined they would. My early twenties were less about counting the money and more about watching it go out the door so that I could do things like drive a car and live in a house. I dropped out of college, and started down a lucrative career path in the mortgage industry.

Years would pass, and I wouldn’t write. I’d work and get promoted and buy a house and fall in and out of love go back to school and drop out of school, but I wouldn’t write. Writing started to become more of a dream than a realistic goal. Before I knew it, a decade had passed and I hadn’t written a thing.

Then, I became a mom and I started thinking about all of the dreams and goals I had for my kids. Like most parents, I hoped that they would be able to follow their dreams and get to live a life that they loved. Somewhere along the lines it kinda dawned on me that if I wanted my kids to do that, to know how to do that, I’d have to do it, too.

So, at 33 I started writing again. And in 2016 I started the blog that would eventually become this blog. Then in 2017, I sold my first article. It was a heady experience to finally be paid for my writing, a high, and I knew in that moment that I would be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

Since then I’ve written hundreds of articles, been published in more than 22 publications, and to everyone’s surprise, even been interviewed about my work. I make a living writing. This is my job. I’m a writer. Ten-year-old me is screaming internally right now. Hell, 37-year-old me is screaming internally, too.

It’s not all sunshine and roses all the time, but I can’t stop now.

I’m lucky enough to have the support of my best friend and husband. Ever since the night we met he has been my biggest cheerleader, favorite proofreader, and a voice of reason.

Also, he is incredibly handsome and funny.

Together we have two daughters. They are the perfect mix of the two of us: unbelievably goofy and bursting with creativity and noise. So. Much. Noise. Like, LOUD. And it’s only going to get louder, we’re expecting our third and (please-dear-god-let-it-be-our-final) baby in April 2020. 

My dream is to keep writing. I want to write more articles and stories and features. I’m currently working on my memoir, which is based on my experiences with domestic violence. I want that book to get made into a movie, or picked up as a limited series for Netflix, and I want to go to the Oscars and wear a fancy dress and waive to my kids on TV – so if you’re an agent, GET AT ME ABOUT THAT ).

Whatever happens, I just want to keep writing. And if you want to keep reading, you can do so by following me on social media by clicking on the links below, or by signing up for my newsletter.

Thank you for stopping by.