“What I would have done to have heard a story like mine… to have felt less alone.” – Hannah Gadsby


Why I write...

I write a lot of the stories that I do in the hopes that people in similar situations will feel less alone. There are so many moments in my life that felt so shameful, so hard, and so embarrassing that I assumed I was the only one who had ever been through something like that before.

Of course, now I know better.

I share these stories, the ones that hurt so much to tell, so that someone else might see a story like theirs out there and maybe, just maybe, it will make them feel less alone.

Domestic Violence

One in four people will fall victim to domestic violence in their lifetime. If it isn’t you, chances are it’s someone you know. 

Happily Never After

Not all marriages are made to last. My first one wasn’t. 


Why you read...

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for hope, or searching for an escape, sometimes reading the stories of others can be uplifting. At the very least they can let us know we’re not alone. 

Pregnancy Loss

An estimated 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet we often keep those losses to ourselves. I was so caught off by my miscarriage in 2019 that I didn’t know where to turn.

Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Before the global economy took a massive downward turn in 2020, my own personal budget was in crisis after an unexpected financial crisis emptied our bank account. 



I don’t know everything, and I’m hardly the fact of any of the causes I write about, but I do know that by sharing our stories we connect in ways we wouldn’t otherwise. 

Maternal Mortality Rates

American maternal mortality rates are going up. I almost became part of those increased numbers in 2014 when I gave birth to my first. Naturally, I was terrified when it came time to deliver my second. 

Experiences May Vary

Just because we went through the same thing doesn’t mean we experienced it the same way, and that’s okay. All of our stories can be different even while being similar.