Netflix and Chill

One time*, when we had only first started dating, my husband and I stayed up until 5AM drinking, watching movies, and talking.  I don’t remember what we watched, or what we talked about (I suspect we succumbed to our favorite past time, creating our dream cast for books that we’d read that we thought would make great movies), but I do remember how much fun we had.  I also remember the bleary eyed feeling I had when I looked at the clock and saw that it was nearing five.

It was fun and exciting and kind of felt wrong, like we were breaking the rules by being up so late.  And by having so much fun just being together while submersing ourselves into other worlds.

I got to relive a lot of that former excitement this weekend.  It was almost like we were back at the beginning again and had just started dating.  The excitement, the nervousness, the staying up late…

That’s right, I watched TV this weekend.  Like a god damn adult.

How I normally watch TV (and edit).

And I got to do it, not only in the same room as my husband, but on the same couch!  Like, right next to him.  There was no child in between us.  It was just us and the warm glow of the television in the dark.

Real honest to god TV watching.

We’ve passed that whole Netflix and Chill phase of our relationship and have entered the Netflix and God-Dammit-She’s-Awake-Can-You-Please-Hit-Pause phase.

And while it wasn’t the all night bender that we would have pulled in our heyday (we only stayed up until 11:30, and he drank a cup of coffee while I had a cold glass of lemonade because it was about 115 degrees out) it was still great.  We watched an entire season of the new Netflix series Stranger Things.  Which, unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of because everyone you know is probably talking about how great it is.  And if not, well then you know the wrong types of people.  Check that show out.  It’s like Stephen King and Steven Spielberg had a baby and let the 1980’s raise it.  Actually, if you haven’t seen it yet then I am jealous of you because you get to experience the whole thing for the first time.  That’s how good it is.

The last time I watched an entire season of a Netflix show was season four of House of Cards.  It happened between the hours of 11PM and 7AM and there is a part in the middle that I think I blacked out for.  Also, there was a sweaty, pukey, toddler on my chest the entire time, so I was a little distracted.

This other way was much better.

Actually, as I am sitting here thinking about it, this past weekend was pretty much the best weekend we have had in a long while.  We took a break from all of the adulting that we have been doing and just decided to embrace the last weekend that we would have in our home before the packing/moving frenzy began in earnest.

We went to the movies (saw the new Independence Day, we should have stayed at home and watched more Stranger Things instead, that movie was a disaster), ordered a lot of take out (pizza, sushi, hoagies, we were out of control), and found an endless supply of reasons to laugh at our daughter (not limited to her reaction to a pop up thunderstorm in which she made the very clear distinction of who she prefers when things get scary… it’s her father.  Apparently the fact that I also jump at the crack of thunder does not fill her with confidence in my ability to protect her from said thunder).

Like I said, best weekend in a long time.  The good times will start up again soon, I am sure.  As soon as we get through this next phase of crazy.  Until then I will just have to hold onto these memories.

And if you’ve finished Stranger Things and want to talk about it, let me know!  I want to nerd out about it with someone other than my husband (because we have already gone over all of our theories and desires for season two).   

Us in our childless heyday, look at how well rested we look!

*So, I say one time like it only happened once, but it happened… well, more than once.  And it was usually followed by sleeping until noon then leisurely waking up to go to a local diner to eat pizza fries for breakfast.  Oh my god, we wasted so much time not appreciating how much time we had to waste.  Ah, the folly of the young and childless!

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